Armitage Drive Manufacturing

Knowledge, creativity and delivery

A square won’t fit into a circle. We learn that from a young age. The same goes for marketing materials within the technical industries – there are certain contexts which simply aren’t appropriate.

Our expert blend of PR tools mean we can select the best platforms to get your message heard, bearing in mind the details of your content. We bring everything you need under one roof, whether it’s a single case study or a fully integrated campaign, we can give you the support and professionalism you need to deliver.

By ensuring consistency across your PR and marketing projects, we’ll make sure you get the most from your marketing spend by giving you a truly unified approach that produces measurable results and creates the impact you desire.

“It’s funny. As soon as we share with others our roles as technical PR executives, working for clients from all kinds of industries from robot technology through to water distribution, we get a confused response which ranges between uncertainty and bemusement. But we genuinely enjoy it; we learn new things every day and often the issues we encounter relate to wider world problems such as gender bias, global warming and the current job market.”

– Rose, Junior Account Manager