Nowadays anyone can make a video, but how do you ensure that yours makes the right impact?

At Armitage Communications we appreciate the power of the written word. It underpins everything that we do, including our video and animation production, which start life as storyboards and compelling scripts. When devising this content we will work with you to showcase your marketing message and with the help of our skillful production team, turn your vision into a reality.

Digital media has evolved considerably over the past decade, with social media and the internet taking the marketing world by storm. In this way, we believe that an agency without a dedicated creative team is like a film without a production crew – directionless and lacking impact.

Whether a video lasts five minutes or five seconds (yes micro-vlogging is now a thing) we have the resources available to ensure your digital media communicates effectively.

Want more than just a video or animation?
Ask us for information on our other online solutions including, apps, games and software tools.

Spirax Sarco Healthcare Animation

Through this fly-through animation we take the viewer on a journey from the boilerhouse to various steam applications in a typical hospital. This communicates how healthcare centres around the UK are achieving reduced energy costs as well as the risk of Legionella through the use of our client’s product.