On the 23rd June, the Women’s Engineering Society (WES) will be celebrating its sixth year of International Women in Engineering Day. The international campaign was created to raise the profiles of women working within the engineering industry, create diversity, and focus on the ever-expanding career opportunities available to women.

Did you know that according to 2018 statistics just 12.37% of engineers in the UK are women?

The WES in Britain are doing more each year to encourage young women to explore and consider a career in engineering, whether that be through hands-on student groups, talks or awards.

Here at Armitage, we believe men and women should be given the same opportunities to begin a career in engineering; and it’s great to see such an important event celebrating the outstanding achievements of female engineers throughout the world.

In order to support the International Women in Engineering Day, we will be taking part in their great campaign at midday on Sunday 23rd June for one hour, by spreading awareness using our social media platforms. The overall aim is to get #INWED19 trending so we can reach and inspire those around the UK and internationally.

You could also help connect, support and inspire individuals and the industry by joining the movement.

For more information visit the INWED website here.